Uganda, a landlocked country in East Africa, consists of savanna plateau with mountains and lakes. Whether it’s wildlife safaris or trekking volcanoes, Uganda has the best of Africa covered.
Uganda has a very diverse culture, landscape, flora, and fauna. With its dense misty forests, snow-peaked mountains, glassy lakes and sprawling savannas, it’s no wonder Winston Churchill dubbed this the ‘pearl of Africa’. While mountain gorillas are the allure for many visitors, there’s an astounding variety of attractions for tourists.


Uganda’s beautiful capital city, surrounded by eleven hills. Tourist attraction sites that are fantastic and ecstatic are the Lake Victoria beach amid lovely hotels and restaurants for your stay. The name “Kampala” was a short form from the Luganda name – “Kasozi ka Impala” (hill of the Impala). It originated from the numerous Impala-Antelopes found here at that time. This term referred to the hills of present-day Old Kampala.


Last refuge of mountain gorilla bordering Rwanda and DR. CONGO
The Bwindi Impenetrable forest in the southwest corner of Uganda is the last refuge of the mountain gorilla. Bwindi and transfrontier wildlife sanctuaries in neighboring Rwanda & Congo form one vast equatorial rainforest where mountain gorilla families wander freely between countries. The mountain gorilla population has been growing thanks to effective anti-poaching efforts and the support of local villages that benefit most from the tourism industry. Small groups of visitors are allowed to visit habituated gorilla families at close quarters in a close encounter with man’s closest relative in his home.

Queen Elizabeth II

Untamed sanctuary sitting under “the mountains of the moon”.
It is Uganda’s most popular game reserve for Uganda safaris and certainly one of the most scenic. It’s located in western Uganda and has magnificent vistas include dozens of enormous craters carved dramatically into rolling green hills, panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel.